Diffusing a Bad Mood in Seconds

I didn’t mean for it to happen, but I had a really bad day recently. From the moment I woke up, everything I tried to accomplish turned into a hassle. By noon I was ready to go to bed and start over. Can you relate?

Whether we subconsciously create bad days or not, we have the choice in how we react. The first option is to allow these days to manifest into nightmares. I’ve also been there…when I want to yell at anything that breathes!

The second option is to step back, take a 30,000-foot perspective and breathe (without yelling of course!) I’ve been better about this one lately! This option not only allows us to stop the trajectory of pain and chaos… we have the ability to make ourselves feel wonderful. How? Do one nice thing for someone.

It can be your spouse or it can be a complete stranger. It doesn’t matter who. What matters is that you shift the focus from yourself to them. This distraction shifts your mind’s direction and elevates your energy. Endorphins flood your brain and your body, making you experience feelings of joy and appreciation. 

Since everything is energy, emotions can be measured in hertz.  Appreciation, love and joy are some of the highest vibrational emotions on the scale. When felt these emotions elicit a rampage of similar feelings. This is how you can easily and quickly shift your mood.

Think pay it forward. The act of giving is a simple way to start this positive rampage. Giving also has exponential effects because your act of kindness makes someone else feel good and appreciated…maybe even diffusing their bad mood!

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