Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? If you’re like most people, you aim big with them like losing weight, healing a broken relationship or stopping a habit. One year my New Year’s resolution was to work on my relationship money. My goal was two-fold:  Cut down debt, and create more prosperity.

I decided to take an unconventional approach because I’d been studying some pretty profound ideas on how money works from a spiritual perspective. Money is a very vast topic, but let’s quickly go over some ideas about how money works.

First of all, money wants and likes to be in a happy, healthy relationship with you. Think about the most caring relationship you have with someone. How you think, feel, and treat money should mirror this relationship. If you’re not in a loving relationship with money, you have some healing work to do.

The second part to a loving and special relationship with money is the knowing that you can co-create prosperity with the universe. Together you and the universe work in alignment to change inspired ideas into physical form. This teamwork essentially looks like this: Desire + Inspired Action = Manifestation.

How could this look in the real world? Let me share with you a story I had with money that illustrates this concept. I was preparing to have eye surgery and decided I should alert my bank that I would be withdrawing a large sum of money.

 As I was ending this call with the customer service agent, she told me I was eligible for a few offers, and she wanted to know if I would like to hear more. My first instinct was no, but for some reason, I found myself saying yes. She connected me with a personal banker.

The banker started off by telling me I had the opportunity to consolidate some debt. It just so happened that I had a loan and a credit card I wanted to pay off. After some additional discussion, the personal banker thought it was possible to not only do that, but he thought he could drastically cut the interest on the credit card balance and maybe get a better APR on the current loan. He crunched some numbers. Then he put the numbers in a few models. Finally we chose the model that best fit my goal.

He ran it through pre-underwriting and came back on the line within just a few minutes.  As he was reading the decision, he stopped mid-sentence. Then he laughed and said, “I’ve never seen this before.” My stomach flip-flopped. I nervously asked him what he was stammering about. He said, “In all the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen an interest-rate on a loan pre-approved for less than what I quote it. The bank is proposing that for you!”

 The banker said it looked favorable, and he just needed to ask me a few more questions. We finished up the pre-qualifying process and sent the proposal to underwriting. I asked how many days it would take. The banker said it looked so promising; it would possibly be just a couple of hours! He said he would continue to check with underwriting and give me a call to set up a time to sign paperwork, possibly the next day!

Like clockwork he called within two hours with a full approval of the loan, and we set a time with my local branch to sign the paperwork. The next morning I went to the bank, and with one simple signature, I merged two products into one, saved over a $100 a month on the payment, and saved thousands on interest on the two debts. What a game changer in less than three hours of time!

This is the power we have when we start to take action on our goals and set the intention of working within the guidelines of the universal laws. These laws support our desires if we ask for help and allow the people and situations we need to get us there unfold.

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