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How Much is it Costing Your Business to Not Have All the Leads & Appointments You Want?

Most businesses are great at turning appointments into paying clients, but when you don’t have appointments, you don’t have cashflow, your business is stagnant, and life is stressful...

Cashflow Roller Coaster?

One month you feel confident because your business brings in good money, but the next month it just brings in disappointment. You’re tired of the ups and downs.

Stressed About Your Business?

You go to work every day hoping things will change for the better, but you stay awake at night thinking about the “what ifs.” The uncertainty is all you can focus on.

Inconsistent Appointments?

One week your calendar is booked full of paying clients and ideal prospects, but the next week all you can focus on is the empty slots waiting to be filled.

Can’t Grow Your Business?

You know that the work you do makes a profound impact on the clients you serve, but you’re just not sure how to get more exposure for your business.

Worried About Downsizing or Closing Down?

Many business owners fear having to possibly get a job, but you’ve secretly considered it or know you’ll have to if you don’t get more clients.

Unsure Where to Get New Clients?

You know paying clients are the lifeblood of your business, yet you just can’t seem to find a way to consistently find more prospects to talk to.

Let’s Fill Your Appointment Calendar So You Can Serve Lots of Clients

When You Have a Steady & Consistent Stream of Qualified Leads & Appointments

More Clients

More appointments means more clients, and oftentimes happy clients refer their friends and family. Building your referral business is just one more way to grow your business without expensive advertising

More Sales

More appointments typically mean more sales, and this boost in cash flow can help you pay for more staff to help deliver quality customer service to your current offers or help you fund expansion into new territories

Stability & Growth

When you consistently have more clients and cashflow, you create financial stability in your business which leads to tremendous peace of mind. You also gain confidence to expand into new products and services and try new things

Let’s Create a Reliable Stream of Clients & Cashflow for Your Business Today

It Can be Hard Finding Quality Leads & Booking Paid Appointments on Your Calendar

That’s why we’ve taken our 20-plus years of sales and marketing experience and created simple but effective systems to help all sorts of service-based businesses find more leads, book more appointments, and close more sales

Jaime Ellithorpe

Jaime Ellithorpe

Founder of 540 Strategies

“As a busy entrepreneur, I know your time is stretched, and spending time on finding new leads to talk to for your business can be time consuming and challenging. We’re a boutique agency, and we come alongside your business, taking the time to stay on top of prospecting and appointment setting, so you don’t have to.”

Linda Barutha

Marketing Strategist, Easy-Evergreen

“The conversations I have had from LinkedIn people yesterday and today have been AWESOME!! Now I have to carve out time to write up some proposals for these people!! Yay!!”

Linda is a Client in the Connect2Clients LinkedIn Program

Diana Mays

Consultant, Your Medicare Boutique

"Jaime's keeping my schedule so busy, I can hardly keep up, and I'm trying to figure out how to fit all the appointments in. This is awesome!"

Diana is a Client in the Clients On Demand Appointment Setting Program

Tim Turrittin

Founder & Senior Partner, One Domino

“The one domino my business needed was outbound marketing. Jaime and I connected, and I quickly realized on LinkedIn I could attract an audience that I may not have otherwise connected to. The footprint of my business has expanded in geography and number of clients. Thank you, Jaime!”

Tim is a Client in the Connect2Clients LinkedIn Program

1. Schedule a Call

This call will not take more than 15 minutes, and during this conversation we will discover if we can actually bring you all the leads and appointments you want.

2. Create a Plan

Assuming you’re a good candidate, we will come up with a plan of action and determine which strategies and systems are the best fit for you and your business.

3. Get Appointments

After putting the system to work, you’ll start to see more booked appointments in your calendar, and we can continue to add new leads for as long as you’d like.

Let’s Find More Leads & Book More Appointments Today

We Understand the Challenges of Finding New Leads & Booking More Appointments for Your Business

At 540 Strategies we know that you want your business to be financially stable and successful. In order to do that, you need a dependable way to get new leads and turn them consistently into new appointments.

The problem is that while most businesses are amazing at making their clients happy, nobody really shows you how to generate new clients in a way that’s dependable and consistent. Advertising can  be really complicated and expensive, with no promise of a return, and even worse, relying on your  existing network can leave you high and dry once you’ve exhausted all your resources.

Plus, it can feel like another full-time job trying to market your business when you’re trying to figure out the right strategies and systems to run effective and consistent lead generation campaigns. And let’s face it, “slow months” can be downright scary and stressful when you don’t have enough appointments booked in your calendar.

We believe it shouldn’t be hard getting clients for your business.

We understand it can be difficult deciding who to trust or where to turn for help because so many marketing agencies charge for marketing plans that sound great on paper but end up leaving you with nothing more than a hole in your pocket because they don’t fit your business model, or they really don’t generate new clients for your business in a quick and systematic way.
That’s why we’ve spent the last 20-plus years discovering what works best…and using that insight to bring you simple, done-for-you lead generation and appointment setting systems that are relatively quick to deploy…and proven to work. If you’d like to talk more about generating new leads and booking more appointments for your business, here’s what to do next:
1. Schedule a call. This call will take no more than 15 minutes, and during this conversation we will discover if we can actually bring you all the leads and appointments you want. There’s no hard selling, and we promise we’ll be up front an honest whether one of our plans is a good investment for you and your business. We’ll start off by asking you a few questions about your business, and if we don’t feel confident we can get you more leads and appointments, we’ll tell you.

2. Create a plan. If we both agree that this is a good fit, we’ll come up with a plan of action and determine how many appointments you want to generate each month.

3. Get booked appointments. After putting our system to work, you’ll start to see more booked appointments on your calendar. You can continue with the plan as long as you’d like, and you can even continue to get new leads with our system ongoing. So, schedule a call by clicking the button below, so you can stop worrying about getting more appointments and instead have peace of mind about growing your business.

What Makes Us Different from
Other Lead Generation Agencies

We Target Your Ideal Prospects

Many of our clients have come to us having used lead gen services before, only to be disappointed in the quality of their booked appointments. We've found that other agencies sometimes fail because they don't take the time to identify and target the right person to talk to. We schedule a meeting with our clients to discuss and determine exactly who they want to reach, and we verify that prospects are decision makers before we ever schedule an appointment to talk to our clients, so we can shorten the sales cycle. This is our vetting process.

We Build Authentic Relationships

We know that business is won through building trust first. We take a genuine approach to connecting to and speaking with our clients' prospects, so they feel comfortable scheduling an appointment. We do this through being interested in the prospect and asking them a few open-ended questions to break the ice and get them talking. From there we seed a few qualifying questions, and if we feel there is potential opportunity to do business with our clients, we offer the prospect a call or Zoom meeting. No spammy or sleazy selling up front.

We Actually Book Appointments

Lead generation can mean a lot of different things in the industry, but we believe that booking appointments is our number one priority. Some of our competitors search out prospects and get them to connect with their clients. Then it's up to the client to do the rest. We feel that taking the first action step for our clients through booking actual appointments is what will give our clients the greatest chance of success in meeting their sales and business growth goals. We're a full service, not half service lead generation agency.

We're Real Human Beings

Do you ever get that creeped out feeling you're talking to a bot or you've been added to a system that's just spitting out canned responses? We've seen (and experienced) a lot of our competitor's lead generation tactics, and we strongly stand against the churn and burn mentality in the lead generation industry. While we leverage technology and automation when we can to maximize results, at the end of the day, your prospects are having real conversations with real human beings. Our agency is about authenticity in relationships.

We're a Boutique Agency

We want you to feel like we're an extension of your business, guiding you through each step of the lead generation process. We also act as your marketing team by overseeing your campaigns and building upon your strategy month over month to keep the momentum going. When we find a better way to do something, we share it with you and implement it right away if you're on board. We're continuously optimizing any and every area of your marketing and messaging to help you get more clients and close more sales. We're your partner.

We Make You Our Priority

One of the first things we ask our clients is, "How can we serve you?" We do this because different clients have different needs, and we want to make sure you're in the loop on what's going on with your campaigns, and we want to be available to answer any questions you have. If you'd like a short touch-base call each week, we can do that. If you want to meet and go over stats and strategy once a month, we can do that. We're in this with you and know what it's like to run a business. You're busy, and with us, your lead gen strategy is covered.

Questions & Answers

What it’s like using our lead generation and appointment setting services

Question: I’ve tried something like this before, and it didn’t work. Why try your service?

Answer: Our services are typically multi-faceted meaning we use several strategies to reach out and connect with your ideal prospects and existing clients. We pride ourselves in being genuine, not salesy, in all our outreaches, and we’ve gotten enough positive feedback from our own clients and prospects to know that our approach is different from anything else in the lead generation and appointment setting space.

Question: What happens if it doesn't work for me?

Answer: We’re up front and honest that we aren’t miracle workers, and we don’t have a crystal ball when it comes to marketing, but we’ve been around for a long time and have a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t. Every business owner and business is unique, so there will almost always be some tweaking involved in any campaign. Most of the time we can adjust quickly and new results follow, but it is almost impossible to totally nail it the first time out of the gate. Based on the campaigns we choose for your business, we’ll tell you up front the realistic time frame to expect, and of course we want you to be happy with your results. That’s why we don’t require contracts (with the exception of our Ultimate Agency Package), so you can cancel at the end of any month.

Question: Are your services too expensive?

Answer: We’ve designed service packages to meet our clients’ budgets and time commitments, so we have options that range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every month. Most of our overhead comes from humanization (having real humans set up and run your day-to-day campaigns) and automation (the software we use), so your price will depend on whether we’re doing everything for you (most expensive), or you purchase a seat in our software (least expensive) and manage your own campaigns. We don’t believe in handing over the keys to a Lamborghini without knowing how to drive it first, so we typically don’t allow clients to just buy a seat and not know what to do. Purchasing just a seat usually happens after we create all your messaging, set up your campaigns, and make sure everything is working and lining up to your goals, so just know it may be a little more expensive up front, but it’s so worth the investment on the back end.

Question: How much work is involved?

Answer: For us, most of the work is up front because we have to design your messaging and your offer, build searches for your leads, create your campaign(s) in the software, and adjust the campaigns as needed to make sure they’re getting results. After that, the amount of work on your end depends on two things; first, how much work or involvement you personally want in managing your campaigns; and second, how much you want to go the “extra mile” following up with prospects outside the campaign we’re working on together. Jaime meets with clients routinely to touch base via Zoom, phone call, or email, depending on the client’s preference (and as long as it’s not 3 a.m., randomly on a Sunday afternoon, or for the 6th time in one day). 🙂

Question: Is the process going to take too long?

Answer: How long have you been waiting to get new leads and booked appointments in your business? The question to your question is meant to be humorous, but what if we told you it might take 30 to 45 days to get 5 to 10 appointments in your calendar? That might be the realistic answer if you decide to implement a new strategy on a platform like LinkedIn and you don’t even have a profile. Some of our clients get appointments within 7 days, but it all depends on the strategy and the state of their current prospect list. The real question to ask yourself is how long are you willing to wait in complacency, getting the same results you’re getting? Having to wait 30 to 45 days might feel like 5 seconds if you’ve been trying for years to consistently book more appointments with little to no success.

Stop Hoping for More Appointments & Start Getting More Clients Now