Why it’s Awesome to be Selfish

Did the headline grab you? I thought it might. I was actually thinking it may have been selfish of me to use that as the title of the article so you’d actually read today’s post ;) Now that I’ve got your attention, I want to talk about something our society has really put a negative spin on: Selfishness. I’m sure several faces come to mind as you consider this word. Yes, there really are people out there that have absolutely no regard for others, but there’s actually another definition of this word that is overlooked. As I was writing this article I was curious what Merriam-Webster had to say. I liked the second definition best to support the point I am trying to make in…

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You Can Only Believe the Things You’re Willing to Accept

I used to believe in perfection. I thought that whatever project I worked on or meeting I prepared for had to be laid out in minute detail for it to go well. I did not accept the saying, “done is good enough.” Although I pride myself with good work and quality interactions with others, my non-acceptance of allowing ideas, projects and relationships to unfold and blossom on their accord has left me exhausted, frustrated and stressed. You see, when we refuse to accept things and people for what they are, we hold a resistance within ourselves. This is especially true with situations. Do you have a family member who is driving you up the wall? Or better yet, a teenager? Anger and frustration are just…

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