The Mind Cancer That's Suddenly Making You Unhappy-Part I

Do You Just Wish You Could Be Happier? Your Mindset May be to Blame.


You have mind cancer. As a matter of fact, we all do. The good news is it’s the figurative kind. If we did have real cancer, our brains would eventually lose the ability to clearly process thought.

The cancer cells would essentially distort our neuro pathways, and our thoughts would become unclear.

What if this same process happens when we’re fed “abnormal” thoughts?

 Abnormal thoughts occur when we take in the ideas and opinions of others and formulate a story about who we are and what we do.

Just like a patient with a malignant tumor, our rational ability to take in and process information becomes difficult and distorted. Every experience we’ve had, good or bad, creates the lens we see our environment through.

If we pay enough attention to these thoughts, they become our truths. To better understand how this happens, let’s take a quick look at the multiple layers of our thinking.

How Our Minds "Think" and Process Information

Information goes through a two-step process in our minds. First it enters the conscious or external layer of our mind.

This is the place where we “think.” The conscious mind is where we churn ideas and formulate our opinions.

Next the information flows into a deeper level of thinking, the subconscious. This part of the mind is far bigger than our recognizable conscious thought.

Think about an iceberg. You can see the small top above the water line, but there is a deep, vast portion you don’t see under the water.

This hidden part is the subconscious, and it controls most of our thought.

This is where the mind cancer lives…

“Our minds are powerful mechanisms that control how we view the world. Our view, positive or negative, is determined by the amount of  programming (mind cancer) we exhibit. The cancer determines much of our success or failure in life and in business.”

Think about the last time your mind raced or chattered.

That’s the cancer…

Psychologists call this cancer the ego.

Through uncontrolled thoughts, the cancer’s constantly talking to you. It makes you feel bad by telling you what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

The most common way the cancer makes itself known is when you feel doubt about your dreams. In fact, the cancer can take over so much, you become paralyzed.

Stressed Out

Mind Cancer Destroys Your Dreams and Desires

At this level you never take a step towards what you want, and you never allow yourself to think outside the box.

You continue to get up each morning, go to a job you hate, and spend the few free moments you have doing the things you “should” do.

This mind cancer is what continues to lead you down a path you probably never even wanted to go down. It keeps you unhappy and sick.

The good news is your cancer is very treatable, and you can go into permanent remission…if you choose.

Where to Go From Here

 I talk a lot about mindset on my blog because I’ve found it’s the number one thing holding so many heart-centered entrepreneurs back from growing their business. And I don’t think it’s talked about enough in our industry. 🙁

The good new is I’ve seen miraculous results in my clients who decide to focus on this piece in their business!

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I hope this helps, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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