How Being Negative Prevents the New Life You Want

Your Dream Life Starts With Accepting How Things Are. It’s Your Resistance to the Now That’s Really Holding You Back.


I used to believe in perfection. I thought that whatever project I worked on or meeting I prepared for had to be laid out in minute detail for it to go well.

I did not accept the saying, “done is good enough.”

Although I pride myself with good work and quality interactions with others, my non-acceptance of allowing ideas, projects, and relationships to unfold on their accord has left me exhausted, frustrated, and stressed.

Not Accepting What Is Makes Us Unhappy

You see, when we refuse to accept things and people for what they are, we hold a resistance within ourselves.

This is especially true with situations.

Do you have a family member who is driving you up the wall?

Or better yet, a teenager?

Anger and frustration are just remnants of our refusal to accept “what is” in the moment. Negative feelings certainly don’t change a situation.

“Many people look to blame their outer circumstances for their unhappiness. The truth is it’s the feelings of negativity, of not accepting what is, that prevent them from happiness.”

As a matter of fact, they can make the situation even worse.

The more we resist what is going on, the more we perpetuate it.

Imagine trying to walk up a stream against the current. After a while you’d be pretty exhausted. And you probably wouldn’t get too far.

Imagine a difficult situation you’re experiencing is like the stream…

It’s going to float on by no matter what you think of it.

If you refuse to accept the stream (situation) for what it is, and you believe your negative emotions toward it will change the outcome, you end up resisting (going upstream) and not getting very far.

Going Against the Stream

If you will accept the situation for what it is, or the person for who he or she is, things have the opportunity to change direction.

Your acceptance is not “approving” of the situation or the person per se, but it is allowing the downstream current to naturally shift the direction.

You Can Control the Direction of Your Life

Once you allow this acceptance, it’s easier for you to believe in the possibilities of things going a different way.

Now you can set an intention for the way you’d like things to go.

Maybe it’s an intention that the difficult person sees things in a new way and is inspired to do things differently.

While it’s not our job to run other people’s lives, we do have the power to influence the direction of the stream.

When we choose to accept what is (and kindly allow our discord to “just be” with no resistance), we can then believe in improvement. When we focus on the possibilities of improvement, more times than not, things turn out even better than imagined.

I hope this helps, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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