What to Do When You're Suddenly Bullied in Your Business

You’re here to make a positive impact, but now someone wants to tear you down. It’s time to change how you see negativity in your business.


I used to be terrified to start a business because of the negative feedback I might receive when I started putting myself out there.

I was literally paralyzed at the idea that someone would shame me or call me out on a public forum like Facebook.

Or maybe even worse…what if someone I was speaking to said “no”… they did not want to work with me, or that my ideas and products stink.

I played the scenarios over and over until the imaginary fear became real.

Is it Fear or Real Negativity Holding You Back?

Fortunately I had a village of strong heart-felt coaches and mentors support me through the process of overcoming this fear.

Is this something you can relate to?

Do you dream of starting a business, but you just can’t seem to get over the idea someone may crush you when you’re vulnerable?

What about that new product line you’ve been dreaming of launching. Is it just too scary to launch because someone may not like it?

“Heart-centered entrepreneurs are naturally sensitive to what others think and say, and it can really sting when someone tears us down publicly. It’s how we decide to perceive this feedback that counts. It can actually be a good thing!”

I wish I could say that not one single person will ever hurt your feelings or attempt to crush your dreams when you expand. It’s going to happen.

But when you see this negativity in a new light, you can actually use it to shine brighter.

Let’s start with social media. It’s changed marketing forever. Billboards and yellow page ads are only in the movies anymore. We simply have to be social to grow our businesses.

But…it’s now a different kind of social…a virtual social.

In order to re-create that heart-to-heart connection we used to have with people over coffee or lunch, we have to do it in an electronic environment. So other than smiley faces and hearts, how do we show others we care about them?

Being Vulnerable in the Online Space

We have to get vulnerable online.

In order for prospects to know, like and trust us, we have to show them we are real. And we have to do this even when we are scared. If we don’t, we stay small.

And if we stay small, we’re not out there helping the people we are meant to help.

So here is the key to those last few statements: We have to play big and work through our fear in order to help those we are meant to help.

Overcome Your Fear

You're Not Here to Help Everyone

You’re not meant to help the naysayers. They were never your client anyway…

When you continue to beat your drum and focus solely on those you’re meant to serve, it doesn’t matter what others think or say.

It’s actually a great thing you’re getting this negative feedback. Why?

Because you know your marketing efforts are working!

If you’re getting any kind of feedback at all, you know someone is reading your posts, articles, and advertisements online. The whole point of marketing is to create a stir, a movement. If someone comments (with any type of feedback), you know it’s reaching people.

Applaud the naysayers.

Not only did they take the time to read what you have to say, they had to take the time to come up with a response! And on the flipside, you may have helped them—just with your marketing.

When you get past the initial frustration and anger, think about that for a minute…

You’re helping people just by being brave, sharing your vision and your voice online. And even if the naysayer won’t openly admit it, you helped them. They would never have lashed out if you didn’t. 🙂

It's Working Even When You Don't Think It Is

The naysayers had to actually “think” for a bit about what you said, interpret that internally, and come to a conclusion. Just in that process, you helped move them along because they had to make a decision.

And the decision was not to work with you or buy your product. Whew!

Think about the time and money saved on that person. Isn’t it nice you didn’t have to expense that meal or lose an hour of your day “prospecting” with that person?

Better yet—you can almost guarantee that at least three more people read your marketing. The reason I say that is because most people don’t take the time to leave feedback on what they read on social media.

So, you know—it’s working. Just. Keep. Beating. Your. Drum.

People ARE listening…

I hope this helps, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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