How A New Mindset Can Improve Your Business Success

Market Strategy Can Only Take You So Far. It’s What You Think About When Marketing Your Business That Counts.


Many business owners are afraid of losing the clients they already have when the future of their business seems uncertain. They can also be stumped when it comes to getting new clients.

In uncertain times many marketers focus on the latest online tactics to acquire new business. While marketing tactics are super important, there’s usually a bigger underlying issue going on.

Before we go there, ask yourself:

  • How many articles have you read about marketing?
  • How many programs have you taken to turn your business around?
  • Are you trying to learn the latest new platform?     
  • Are you setting up a blogs or a podcasts trying to reach more people?

The Missing Piece to Your Marketing Strategy

These things can work, but if you’re missing the marketing mindset piece, none of the marketing tactics are going to get you the results.

The good news is if you’ve spent any time studying up on marketing, I’m sure you know more than you think you do.

The bad news is until you fix your mindset problem, (or your thoughts around marketing), none of the marketing tactics are going to work.

So let me explain what I mean about marketing mindset. What I’m talking about are the kinds of thoughts you’re having about your current situation and how that applies to your business.

  • Are you worried that you’re losing money or are going to lose money?
  • Are you concerned that you’re going to lose clients or can’t get new ones?
  • Are you in a place of procrastination, feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, waiting for the outside world to give you an indicator of what to do next?

    These are the types of thoughts that I’m talking about. This is your marketing mindset.

“Until you shift your ideas to thoughts of possibility, the marketing tactics are not going to support you. Open yourself up to the idea that uncertainty can be a good thing.”

Let’s talk about uncertainty for just a minute. By nature, humans look for security and certainty. And they look for this in all areas of their life, whether it’s their health, their relationships, or even their career.

Why is that important to your business?

When people are forced to shift their lives (especially in times of crisis), they look for certainty. In fact, they desire certainty so much, they’re willing to pay for it!

This is when they start to look for help. The uncertainty makes them think about what’s truly important to them, and they’re ready to stop riding the fence about things they weren’t ready to act on before.

At this point, they’re ready to buy. And if you’re ready, they’ll buy from you.

 That’s why it’s so important to master your marketing mindset and get out of your own way. The heart-centered entrepreneurs with the right marketing mindset are the ones who will be in position to dominate the marketplace when their prospects are ready to buy certainty.


Because if you’re certain, you can sell certainty. If you’re not certain, how can you possibly convince anyone you have the answers to their problems?

When you unlock the marketing mindset issue, you can use all the marketing tools and strategies effectively. The mindset is the magic bullet.

  • The successful marketing mindset sees the possibilities and opportunities.
  • The successful marketing mindset doesn’t sit in fear and complacency.

During times of strife, your clients and future customers need you to be the visionary for them. Now’s the time to strengthen your business by taking advantage of some uncertainty.

When you embrace what others are scared of, you can grow your business–even if your competition struggles.

A person pointing her finger on a specific location on the map

Again, this is where the marketing mindset comes in. It’s all on how you view a situation–like a healthcare epidemic. Or a financial crisis. When things look dire, it’s the time to go for it in your business!

But, one word of caution before we move on…

 The minute you try something new or do things that make you uncomfortable, your fear, doubt, and worry will naturally set in.

This is the stuff that’s going to stop you from implementing all the marketing tactics successfully.

When these feelings come up, it’s your brain’s “fight or flight” pattern trying to keep you safe. This is totally normal, but it’s something to be aware of as you start getting out of your comfort zone. 

Many people have a hard time getting past these types of patterns on their own. Having a coach or mentor with an expertise in this area can help you tremendously. That’s why I love helping clients with the mindset stuff so much! 🙂

My Mantra Is: Your marketing mindset is what’s going to determine your success or failure in business. And, the outcome is up to you!

Your Marketing Success Starts With You

If you’re going to help clients, you’ve got to empower yourself first.

I can tell you from personal experience and from working with clients that it’s almost always a mindset issue behind why the marketing isn’t working.

If you’re struggling with doubt, fear, overwhelm, or basically anything that’s stopping you from moving forward in your business, now is the time to break free.

Your business will thank you handsomely for it!

P.S. And…the good news is you can break free easier than you think. The first step is recognizing the problem with your marketing mindset and uncovering any other roadblocks standing in the way of growing your business.

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I hope this helps, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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